The A.W.D. Challenge ?

I’ve had so many Moms & Dads  like me,  shout out ” I Love those Glasses!” Well, I’m giving them  the opportunity to “EARN” (1) pair  by  Accepting the Autism Welcomed Decal  Challenge. I’ve been so impressed with these Special Families and how hard they have searched AND  were able to touch the hearts of “Places” in their area OR state,  even. It’s not an easy task to convince a PLACE to display the Autism Welcomed Decal Smile. So to not only take on this Challenge, but to “Achieve the over all Goal”…. Well, I had to acknowledge my S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom Sisters and Brothers. Now…..Are you curious? Want to learn more ? Then Continue Reading 🙂
Great! I was hoping you’d be interested and Accept the A.W. D.  Challenge 🙂 Alright,
First things first. You’ll need to share and show the place you approach the Autism Welcomed Decal Video:
Next, I will need you to have the place you believe would like to give the symbol a Permanent Home to fill out this form. This is their actual order for the symbol of their choice. They will have to also check the box to agree to my terms as well.
Very Important: In order to get your recognition to earn your glasses for taking my AWD Challenge ; This Business/ Place filling out this form “MUST” type in the “Blank Box” at the bottom of this form, your “Full Name” and state that you have “Achieved the AWD Challenge.”
Here is the link for the form:
After, and ONLY After, I receive their AWD Smile Photo will you be able to “EARN” your one of a kind Autism Welcomed Decal Sunglasses.
I will need a photo of someone who owns or works at this place in the photo smiling with the symbol at their entrance and if possible considering you are the one taking the challenge…I would like to include YOU in this photo with them. If the name of this place or sign can’t be included in the same picture, I will need a separate picture of “JUST” the sign or business logo. Both pictures are to be emailed to me at or can be privately messaged to me at the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol Face Book Page.     I will crop both pictures together. Ir this place is able to & interested in doing a “LIVE” video with me they can talk to me more about that through email or messenger as well.
One more thing; If this is a place that is interested in offering an  Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol Test-Drive….
I can talk to them more about it once they’ve sent me their AWD picture. They do not have to offer an Autism Welcomed Test-Drive if they don’t want to. Sometimes a Test-Drive isn’t applicable at some businesses or places any way. The idea again is to share the symbol by displaying it and to help our families to just feel welcomed, to show awareness, acceptance, and unconditional love for autism families when they enter into these every day public places.
As for the rules. No Offense, But I’m Not interested of course in places such as bars, liqueur stores, etc. Also. The Decal can ONLY be displayed by the owner/authorized person of this place and must be on the inside (clear doors) or outside (tinted doors) of the door at the entrance way. (Again, there are examples here at the site)
The Autism Welcomed Decal MUST be given  a “permanent home” at a PLACE, NOT a person. That is your Challenge. To find that ONE PLACE 🙂 Are you still up for this? 🙂
Your FINAL STEP for the AWD Challenge:
When I send you your very own Autism Welcomed Decal Sunglasses, I will also send you a symbol just for YOU.  You can place it at your home entrance or your vehicle. But, I will expect a smile picture back from you and I would appreciate you wearing your A.W.D. Glasses in you Smile photo! Please send it to me by email or privately in messenger.
Talk to You Soon! BIG HUGS!! S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom
With the exception of this page, The A.W.D.Challenge? This page is devoted to people from other states, not just in Florida that have taken the Autism Welcomed Decal Challenge and found the Autism Welcomed Decal Smile a new home close to where they live ! AUTISM  WELCOMED  EVERYWHERE 🙂 


for sitekaitlyn m          Lakes Region Family Ctr NH

“S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom!  I DID IT !!!  Autism is welcomed at the Lake Region Family Center- Belknap  Merrimack  Laconia Head Start!”

(NOTE: This Laconia , New Hampshire Family Center  is  not living with Autism. But Kaitlyn Does. )

” Kaitlyn, You’re Absolutely Fabulous! Hats Off to You and I Adore your Smile Picture! Thank You Darlene for Displaying the Autism Welcomed Decal Smile. It truly means so much to families like ours.. Huge Hugs to Darlene & Staff!                                           

kaitlyn pic 1kaitlyn pic2

Look who EARNED her Autism Welcomed Decal Glasses!

Congratulations Kaitlyn !! (LOL) I think she Loves the glasses I sent 🙂



“S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom!  We DID IT !!!  Autism is Welcomed Here EVERYDAY!”






“I am so Proud of you two for accomplishing such a difficult challenge. Finding a home for three places is Outstanding ! I couldn’t be more pleased and more thrilled to Honor you both with your very own Autism Welcomed Decal Glasses….You definitely Earned them !”                                                      ((Huge Hugs to Len, Becca, Stevi B’s, OASN, & TEC ))

To see Bigger Pictures of the 3 places & their company websites that  Len & Becca found, just Visit:                            


Look who EARNED their Autism Welcomed Decal Glasses!

You Both Look Fabulous 🙂









“  I DID IT S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom!!!  Autism is Welcomed Here EVERYDAY!”

“Wow! How Amazing are you ?! I’m so impressed that you were able to find a permanent home at Sonic! I absolutely loved the Smile Picture and I’ve already been by  and  really enjoyed seeing the Autism Welcomed Decal at the drive through window; so Cool! You without a doubt have “EARNED” your very own Autism Welcomed Decal Glasses!” ((Big, Big, Hugs to Jennifer Moseley and Sonic!))

Look who EARNED her Autism Welcomed Decal Glasses!                                                                                                                                                 I LOVE the Thumbs Up!











“My son has autism and I would just Love to see this symbol everywhere! P.S. My Daughter Loves my glasses too!”

“Hat’s Off Helen! You are Amazing 🙂 Great Job & I’m so glad you like your AWD Sunglasses oxoxox’s”




I’m so proud of you Dawn! I knew you could do this! You Rock! Sport those AWD Sunglasses proudly Sweetie, You certainly EARNED them 🙂      Hug You Soon! #SMAARTMom

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I Found the Perfect Place for the AWD Symbol and Earned some very cool Sunglasses too! This is for My son, James and other families living on the Autism Spectrum!”

Wow! What a Wonderful Place you found! Way to Go Amie and James 🙂 Very well Done! Hug you soon! #SMAARTMom