Familiar Faces with The Decal Smile




It’s So Wonderful to Know and “Visually See” FAMILIAR  FACES  that have Sent Their Decal Smile Pictures !  Just goes to show that you can  never under estimate who The  Autism Welcomed Decal can Touch 🙂 Have YOU Sent Your Smile Yet? I’m Waiting .


“The City of Orlando is committed to ensuring that The City Beautiful is a city for everyone. I’m proud that our community is diverse and embraces equality. And I’m also proud to display the Autism Welcomed decal. City parks and community centers are places where Autism families are not only welcomed, but also places where they can spend valuable time together creating great memories.”   Mayor Buddy Dyer /City of Orlando

(NOTE: This Orlando , Florida  Incredible Person is not living with Autism )

I Absolutely Love the photo Mayor Dyer!  I Sincerely Appreciate the  time you took to snap and send your Fantastic Smile for me  to share:)