BY REQUEST: Families with Autism that Sent Their Decal Smile Too!


  • 004                             S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom & her son Dustin.           003 002

(NOTE:This Florida Family Lives with Autism Every day )

Cindy & Dustin

“My sister in law is S.M.A.A.R.T. Mom. You don’t know what the true meaning of a Mother’s unconditional love is, until you have met Angela with my nephew.         How CAN’T a Person back her by wearing the Autism Welcomed decal ?”

(Note: This is a Florida Family Living WITH Autism)                                                             Thank You Auntie Cindy from Florida! We Love You Too ! 🙂


How Awesome is this?! The Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol has been given a “Permanent Home” by Leroy & his Amazing Daughter with autism, Kay (Right) of Accepted Trucks in LAKELAND, FLORIDA!  Huge Hugs to Them for Reaching Out to Me & My Dustin

Stephies son and AW

“Autism Welcomed Here! We Love You S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom!”

(Note: This is a Rhode Island Family Living WITH Autism)                                                            

 Thank You Stephanie, Mackenzie,Logan, and especially Jordan (autistic), I just love the picture of you; what a wonderful Smile! Thank You My Rhode Island Friends:) 

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“Autism is the most miss understood disability and for that our children pay the price. Your doing great work for our kids and from the bottom of my heart Thank you.  Thank u for being my friend too your an amazing person and Lioness of a mother.                            Love it! Autism Welcomed Here !”

(Note: This is a Florida Family Living WITH Autism)                                                                      

Thank You  Rosmarie ! Thank You Smiling Chris 🙂 I especially Love the picture   you sent of my “Autism Welcomed” card in your Christmas Tree 🙂  Big, Big Hugs and Happy Holidays !   


chandra smile

” I Did It !  Sending my Autism Welcomed Smile AND a Thumbs Up !”   (Note: This is a Florida Family Living WITH Autism)  

Your’re so Awesome Chandra! Love the picture & Smile 🙂 Big, Big, Hugs !



AW a chat wh smaartmom 077

“Autism Welcomed HERE S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom!”  (Note: This is a Florida Family Living WITH  C.P. & Autism)  

Big Hugs to our Wonderful Friends !   Thanks for the Awesome Smiles Becca & Len 🙂 

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     ” Damien and family thank you for the support 🙂 ”   (Note: This is a Florida Family Living WITH Autism)  

     Love it!!!! What a cutie, he’s Adorable My Friends 🙂