S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom’s Videos about the “AUTISM WELCOMED DECAL” ©2013

S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom is always looking for a “New Permanent Home” for the Autism Welcomed Decal Symbol.
She’s already found homes for the decal, not just in Florida, but in New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma , and even Canada. And why not. Autism isn’t just here in Florida…..Autism is EVERYWHERE.
Each place that gives the decal a home and sends me their picture, logo, comment, etc has done this with approval of Mgr./Owner/Corporation and by sending their AWD Photo with the decal they are aware of the purpose of the picture/video and concede that I will own the rights to these images for this purpose only in addition to receiving their AWD Photo copy. The places that have shared their Smile Pictures are NOT AFFILIATED with the decal and aren’t typically sensory friendly. They are simply places that have opened their hearts to our special families.

” I can’t help but Smile myself, when I see the Autism Welcomed Decal at the entrance of a place Smiling back at me with that comforting smile on the symbol that simply says, Autism Welcomed !” Thank You S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom!

” If You Didn’t Know…2016′ Breaking News” about the AUTISM WELCOMED DECAL ©2013


Okay , if  Autism isn’t considered an “Epidemic” ….When will it be?              

 I just got the News! As of November 2015′ the “NEW” Rate of Autism is ( 1 in 45 )!!!!

                   2015′  An Autism Welcomed UPDATE Video   (Click Below to Watch)

Have you heard? As of 2014′ the CDC has announced the new Statistic Rate of Autism: ” 1 in every 68 !”  That’s pretty scary, But how about this…The rate back in 2000′ was : 1 in every 150.” So with that in mind…..Here’s a question to ponder. With a rate of “1 in every 68” Where are all of these individuals with autism and why don’t you see someone with autism every day when you’re out in public places? As a mother of a 17 yr old, I find this a bit upsetting and sad. But I can relate to what I feel is the reason. Please Help me change the way Autism is viewed. “I want Autism to stop being viewed as a disability of  Impossibilities ; but to be viewed as the Ability of Positive Possibilities. Autism Welcomed is not an organization, group, or charity. This decal is simply a “symbol” expressing that YOU are there for families living with autism and autism individuals on a day to day basis.
Please Watch and Share the Autism Welcomed Video. Get YOUR decal  and share Your Picture with the Autism Community Today! Thank You.   BIG HUGS, S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom

September 07, 2013′ An Introduction to S.M.A.A.R.T.Mom’s Autism Welcomed Decal(Video Below)


PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended to discriminate any other disabilities. It’s intended purpose is to help families living with autism come out of isolation and to help lost loved ones with autism find their way home)

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  1. “Very nicely phrased as to why you have done this. Hopefully the decals serve their purpose.”

    (NOTE: This Rhode Island Family is not living with Autism.)

    Thank You for your comment and for visiting Autism Welcomed.

  2. Awesome job Ang xoxix keep the fight going…..jesse showed me what u sent him for me and of course I joined😊

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